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April 2018

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Have finished 5 ribs and started on #6

Wood for fuselage purchased and will be moving / starting in Chapter hanger early May.

Winter 2017-18

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Both Phil and I are new Grandparents.  Both of us have new Grandsons.  This along with work seems to take up a vast majority of our time. However both rib jigs are finished and we are working on rib #5.  May not seem like much but all things considered, it's ok.

What happened to the summer?

Posted on October 23, 2017 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

My how time flys.  Seemed to take forever but Rib #1 was finally finished on October 14.

Rib #2 is almost finished and #3 is started.

Hey, we're on a roll.  I would project things will start to move along but the holiday's are right around the corner so really?  We'll see.

April & May 2017

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April / May sees us back at it slowly but surely.  Phil rips some capstrip material,builds the bending jig and laser cuts gromments.  Jim makes the blocks for the rib jigs, bends some capstrips and starts to assemble a jig. Jig assembled and first set of capstrips cut.  Goal for June: Make at least one rib and assemble second rib jig.

In the beginning

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(then) Chapter President Phil and Jim - Secertary are chatting after the Feb board meeting when Phil mentions how much he likes Pietenpol's.  Me too Jim exclaims.  "We ought to build two, together and make them Chapter projects" Phil says.  "Great idea" Jim says and so it begins.  Plans are ordered and at the February meeting they announce the idea / plan.  Late February, early March plans are studied, questions asked and start to build the rib jigs when two setbacks happen at the same time.  Phil receives a large order at his business which takes up his free time and Jim has a retina tear / detach.  Both are out for the entire month of March.  But not to worry...


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